Relax, Relate, Release!

Relax, Relate, Release! Three simple words that have a powerful impact. Are we so busy in our lives that we can't take a few minutes out of our day to relax, relate and release?

Our days are consumed with appointments, notifications, tweets, and long hours of work. How much time do you spend for you? When was the last time you did something just for you? Take a walk, sit outside and just watch the cars go bye, make some art not for profit just because it makes you feel good, jump rope, take along drive with no destination in mind, these are just a few ideas to get started. Relax, Relate, Release! Enjoy being you! Take time for you! Love yourself, be kind to yourself. Enjoy your life, you only get one!

I recently dealt with a difficult situation in my life...the loss of a loved father. When all seems well, and life just flows as usual there will be times when a large road block hits your path. It may not be a death, it could be a job loss, financial difficulty, stress in a relationship there will be things in your life that feel as though there was a loss. I've learned before the world comes crashing down take time for you and the ones you love. Enjoy them now! Work will always be there, life will continue as usual, but you will only get one chance to make memories with the people you love. Enjoy being you! Take time for you! Love yourself, be kind to yourself. I have no regrets, I spent many weeks and days with my father and enjoyed every minute. I am finally enjoying what I love to do...don't get me wrong I love teaching art to my students but I always felf something was missing. It was me...I forgot how to enjoy making art. I am so glad that I found just a few minutes a day to enjoy what I love doing the most. Now, I can't stop! I won't stop! It's what I do! My message to you, is to enjoy life! Live for today, and make it so beautiful that it's worth remembering.

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Stay Tuned! New Workshop

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