It's okay to let go!

The past few months have been very hectic, and it would seem as though there was no rest for the weary. There were days that I didn't know if I was coming or going. There were weekends filled with work, obligations, and schedules to keep. Through it all I found myself not doing the things that I cherish the most like spending time with family, friends and painting for me not anyone else. Now, don't get me wrong I love what I do, but there has to be a balance, a release from the mundane work schedule. So I say to you all, "Let go!" Make time for you! Enjoy the day, enjoy the little things, make a conscious decision that you will make every effort to release yourself from commitments. As adults we have lost that fun, care free love of "being". Being who we are not caring about what the day will be, loving the time we have, playing with out any concern let's remember those days, lets not lose what adult hood is trying to take away from us. Let go and make time for you! Play in the grass! Ride a bike, not for exercise, just enjoy the scenery! Lay out under the stars! Play in the sand! Have a water fight! Have a pillow fight! Just let go and make time for you!

Happy Times!

Life is dessert first!

Life is short..enjoy what you do! We enjoyed a great night of painting at Sweets in Auburn Hills, MI. This was one of many painting nights that I will be hosting at this location this summer. After painting our lovely cupcakes we feasted on some delicious handmade cupcakes of our own, made by Sweets very one baker Mollie. Here are a few highlights from that evening.

Brush up with Friends Painting Parties

Looking for a great activity for all ages? Our painting parties are just the thing for small and large groups. Have a birthday party to plan, a girls night out, how about a team building outing? Brush up with Friends Painting Parties is the the right activity for you. We have many painting themes to choose from and a certified instructor to teach you step by step. All supplies are provided and we will meet you at your desired location. Please contact us for dates available and pricing.

Making memories over canvas!

Pass it along...

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